Bed Slide Sheet Reusable

Light Blue Slide Sheet

AED 350.00
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To use: Simply fold the sheet in half and roll it under a patient, similar to fitting a draw sheet. When moving the patient, gather up the loose end of the top part of the sheet and use body weight and braced body to pull this to turn the patient (do not use excessive movements with your arms). Kylie sheets can be changed using the Bed Slide Sheet. When folded in half or using two sheets patients can be repositioned in beds or even in chairs. The Carers use their own body weight to move patients not just relying on the Carer's muscle power. Practice with work colleagues to become proficient before using with patients. This low cost item is complementary to our Item 501 Bed Roller Sheet and Item 509H Slide & Turn Hoist Sheet that are left permanently underneath the patient, to make the turning or moving up the bed, easier for the Carer with less disturbance to the patient as they eliminate 'log rolling'.

Item # 507QB - Light Blue (Quiet & Breathable, 1m x 1.5m)
Item # 507QB2 - Light Blue (Quiet & Breathable, 2m x 1.5m)