3M Tegaderm + Pad Transparent Dressing with Absorbent Pad

Tegaderm +Pad Dressings

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Tegaderm +Pad Island Dressings Features & Benefits
Transparent film dressing.
Island dressing.
Sterile barrier to external contaminants.
Flexible dressing accommodates body curves.
Offers protection from abrasions, closed intact surgical wounds, donor sites, lacerations, neuropathic ulcers, open surgical wounds, skin tear, and superficial partial thickness burns.
Tegaderm +Pad Island Dressings Specifications
3M Tegaderm +Pad Dressing Product Number: 3582.
Width: 2 Inch.
Length: 2-3/4 Inch.
Dressing Pad Dimensions: 1 x 1-12 Inch.
Non-adherent pad.
Shape: Rectangle.
Adhesive dressing.
Manufacturer: 3M.
Brand: Tegaderm.
Dressing size: 5cm x 7cm (2" x 2-3/4")
Packing: 50/Box